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Slump of prices in Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market

Fruit-Inform's fruit and vegetable index shows that the value of Ukrainians' fruit and vegetable basket decreased by 10.6% last week. In such a way, the fresh produce price reduction trend has been in effect in Ukraine since New Year.

“A decrease in prices was unprecedented for such a period of season, as this year's main harvesting campaign had not started yet, while the previous harvesting had ended 5-7 months ago”, Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform, said. “It should be noted that about two thirds of fresh produce categories decreased in price last week, and none became more expensive”, the expert continued.

Traditional vegetables (onions, white cabbages, red beets, carrots) fell in price by more than 10%; potatoes became 6-9% less expensive last week. Farmers tried to get rid of surplus stocks of produce, as storage conditions became less favorable with an increase in average daily temperature. That fact had an immediate impact on prices in the market. At the same time, farmers did not hurry to sell high-quality produce hoping for an increase in prices after disappearance of low-quality products.

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