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Ukrainian vegetable sector: no funds for planting, prices continue to fall

Notwithstanding numerous forecasts of a seasonal increase in prices, the Ukrainian vegetable market keeps on stagnating, while prices continue to decrease gradually.

According to Fruit-Inform, as of today, no category of traditional vegetables shows signs of price growth. On the contrary, this week, a negative trend was registered in prices for red beets and carrots, the products that had the least problems with sales in this season. The situation in the onion market is even more difficult. It is almost impossible to sell onions now notwithstanding farms being ready to reduce prices to UAH 0.40/kg (EUR 0.04/kg) and lower. The last time when prices fell to that level was March 2009.

Farmers accepted the current season's losses, and many of them think that they will have to throw out unsold quantities of produce closer to late April. In addition, producers are concerned about the next season, as a deficit of funds for planting campaign is the most important problem for Ukrainian vegetable growers now.

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