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Russia made a number of Moldovan apple suppliers more than 5 times less

Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Russian Federation (Rosselkhoznadzor) made a number of Moldovan apple suppliers more than 5 times less – from 177 to 33 companies, - Vasiliy Bumakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova, told journalists after session of Ministry's administration with fruit and vegetable products exporters into the Russian Federation, held “behind closed doors”. He said that there were 177 companies in the list of Moldovan fruit exporters into Russia, proposed by Moldovan party, but Russian party confirmed only 33 of them. V. Bumakov told that Moldova would ask for increase of number of Moldovan fruit exporters into Russia.

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova, there are dozens of heavy vehicles with fruit and vegetable for export into Russia, blocked at Moldovan customs. This situation occured due to Russian party enacting such limits that economic agents of Moldova, not included into the list of fruit suppliers into Russia, did not manage to receive certificates of origin of products.

It should be noted that Russia's share of total volume of Moldovan fruit and vegetable export is about 80%.

As Aleksey Alekseenko, spokesman of Rosselkhoznadzor, recently told, a number of Moldovan apple exporters into Russia was limited due to many products coming from Moldova not meeting safety standarts. More often, apples have an exceeding quantity of pesticides. “In connection with this we suggested regularizing of this work. As long as it is not so simply for Moldovans to inspect several hundreds of suppliers, we offered to cut them to several dozens. Products will be inspected in laboratories which will be appointed by a competent body of Moldova”, - a represantative of Rosselkhoznadzor said. Also A. Alekseenko told that these facts do not concern volume decrease of apple, supplied from Moldova into the Russian Federation.

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