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A heat practically did not tell on the harvest of green-stuffs in Latvia

In spite of drought and torrid heat, this year latvian farmers take the quite good crops of green-stuffs, told peasants.  The harvest of cucumbers present in summer in Latvia became record high for the last 10 years.

Much ripened cucumbers in Elgavskom and Bauskom district, less than — in Cessiskom.

Good kinds are saved similarly and on the harvest of tomatoes. In also time a hot and dry summer badly tells on the harvest of potato. From one side, tubers are very much, from other — populyaciya of the Colorado beetle is also «glad» a heat and overcomes plants. 

Also a hot weather told on the amount of apples, weathering and cherry-plums - from the enormous amount of insects these garden-stuffs very wormy, therefore peasant economies, trading on markets, assert that prices on these types of fruit will be high.

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