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Price for cucumbers dropped to the recordly low in Ukraine

Fresh cucumbers dropped to the recordly low price earlier this week in Ukraine's southern regions as the supply is over the demand. However farmers express much more concern about processing companies as many of them are still in red at the farmers since last season, reports.

Some processing plants either stopped buying cucumbers or reduced the quantities last season so the price went down to 0,8-1,5 UAH/kg

Under the circumstances farmers have reduced cucumber plantations this season. According to preliminary forecast, ground cucumbers would decrease by 10-11% in Ukraine against last season, Fruit-Inform reports. Now farmers can hardly sell the standard ''zelenec'' at the price 0,8-1,5 UAH/kg. The price for non-standard ''picul'' has already dropped to 0,3-0,6 UAH/kg. ''Kornishon'' is the only variety sold at the high price of 3-4 UAH/kg due to the short supply.

The price for cucumbers could increase in the mid July due to mass preparatory campaigne for the next season.



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