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Ukraine: price for cherries is high due to increase in the demand

Ukraine's farmers start selling cherries. According to domestic growers, cherries are in much more supply this season against last one. However the price is 10-15% higher against last season due to great demand for the cherries.

Farmers from southern regions of Ukraine sell cherries at the price of 8-9 UAH/kg while producers from central regions sell at higher price of 9-10 UAH/kg. Ukraine's farmers from western regions supply cherries at the highest price of 10-12 UAH/kg due to unfavourable weather.

Heavy rains there prevent from the harvest doing and causes high price for the berries due to the great demand. This season would witness the highest gross yield of cherries over the last 5 years and the price would go down by 10-15% against last season, reports.

If you want to know more detailed information about Ukraine's market, please, order the research ''Ukraine's fruit and vegetable market 2010. Estimates and forecast for the next season' .

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