Trade-manufacturing company    
  Our quality is better than our prices. Аnd our prices - for you.  
  Trade-manufacturing company
  Trade-manufacturing company

Sale of fruit and vegetables by the gross and retail

        Private firm "Agro-FT" is a trustworthy company from Ukraine, which satisfies all demands of the modern society by high- quality local and import fruits and vegetables all the year long.

       PF "Agro-FT" was founded in 2004 as a Ukrainian company, which is ready to act and compete on the extremely developing not only Ukrainian fruit&vegetable markets, but foreign markets also.

        The main specialization of the company is growing, cultivating, storage, keeping custody, pre-sale preparation and further realization, delivery of fruits, vegetables, berries. For providing all the steps – from  production to delivery the products to the clients – the company 1) owns its own agricultural fields, which are located in green regions of Ukraine 2) owns its own storehouse equipped by up-to-date machines and developed logistics complex with specialized transport. Except own processing manufacturing, the company has good long lasting relationship with Ukrainian farmers.PF "Agro-FT" finances programs of growing and processing products by farmers to our company directly. Participation in such programs  allows to control the quality of growing products on the all steps of manufacturing: from planting to maturing and harvesting; that will help to reach better quality and better price. Besides, our constant suppliers of high-quality products are foreign producers from Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Holland, Egypt, China.

Testifying to confessionQuality certificate

        All the products sold by our company are presented according to the certificates of quality and certificates of confirmation.




        PF "Agro-FT" proactively participates in Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions and fairs 

  Among them Annual International Fair “Fruits and Vegetables of Ukraine” (Kiev, Ukraine);

  Annual International  Exhibition “Fruit Logistica” (Berlin, Germany);

  Annual International Fair “Moscow World Food” (Moscow, Russia).

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