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Origin of a potato


The history of a potato begins near to lake Titicaca approximately 8 000 years ago. The lake is located at height of 3 800 m above sea level sea in a mountain circuit of the Andes of South America, on border between modern Bolivia and Peru. Tribes of hunters and collectors, about 7 000 years ago which all over again have entered in southern America continent, and then have started to grow up wild potato plants which grew around of lake much.

About 200 versions of a wild potato are found in South America. But farmers have succeeded in the central part of the Andes that have chosen and gradually improved grades of a potato tuber. That we know as a potato, contains only fragments of a genetic variety from 5 000 versions of a tuber found in the Andes. Today it is difficult to present itself as people managed such universal culture as a potato once. A potato it and as raw material for the industry, and as fodder culture. It grow up in 130 countries of the world.

The first the Spaniards who have found out in South America " mealy roots of good taste " have opened a potato for the Europe. Searched for gold - have found a potato, having made that great botanical opening. Even all gold of America looks more than modestly in comparison with the blessings which this universal plant has presented mankind. potato

Potato growing in Russia has 2 stages: introduction of a potato in culture and the beginning of its mass cultivation (up to 1840th) and transition of a potato from garden cultures in field, becoming of potato growing as branches of an agriculture (1850 y - the beginning 20). Exact data on occurrence of a potato in Russia are not present, but it connect with a Peter epoch.

In the end of 17 centuries Peter I, being in the Netherlands on ship affairs, has become interested in this plant has sent from Rotterdam a bag of tubers the column to Sheremetev. To accelerate distribution of a potato, the Senate only in 1755-66 considered a question on introduction of a potato 23 times.

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