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Useful carrot


Carrots by the right is considered an elixir of health and beauty. If you will drink on a regular basis in the morning, before a dinner and in the evening a glass of fresh carrots juice, you will have a healthy, blossoming kind. Under influence of this simple means the weariness disappears, the person feels young and full of forces. Still for two hundred years B.C. the given plant was known to Greeks and Romans. In carrots vitamins known to the person contain almost all: В1, В2, В6, With, Е, РР, a significant amount of salts of calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iron.

Carrots also contains biologically active irreplaceable amino acids, pectinaceous substances, fiber, fats, the radio oil giving a specific carrots smell in small amounts. Under the maintenance of a pine forest carrots is on the first place among other vegetables. It is noted positive influence of carrots on activization of endocellular oxidation-reduction processes, regulation of a carbohydrate exchange. At infringements of a mineral exchange, in the first days at a heart attack of a myocardium, and also to the pregnant women, feeding mothers, children appoint carrots juice. Carrots juice as is effective and at treatment of a cold (10-12 drops in day).

Meanwhile it is necessary to remember, that carrots and juice from it are counter-indicative at an aggravation of a stomach ulcer. Carrots and products of its processing reduce fatigue. It is shown at propensity to skin, gastroenteric and eye diseases, joins in a diet at diseases of kidneys, cardiovascular system. It possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory action. Buying carrots, choose most brightly painted. Such carrots contains more carotin. Characteristic taste and a plenty of sugar (up to 12 % on crude weight) does carrots by a tasty, nutritious, diabetic product. Use carrots, as in fresh, and a boiled kind.

The adult person has enough to eat in day up to 80-100g. Fresh carrots. It is necessary to remember, that a carotin containing in carrots will be acquired much better if to fill carrots and salads from it with vegetable oil. Carrots is a rare exception to the rules - it contains in a boiled kind more than useful substances, than in crude. As the western experts mark, right after cookings of carrots the level of antioxidants in it raises on 34 % and increases in the first week of its storage in a boiled kind. After a month of storage of boiled carrots in it still contains more than useful substances, than in fresh. Experts explain it to that at storage of boiled carrots new chemical compounds with high properties are formed

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