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Vegetables and fruit against a cancer

Researches Female Healthy Meal and Residing have shown, that, in the woman which passed treatment on a cancer of a mammary gland, at application in a diet included not less than five kinds of fruit and vegetables daily, level with physical activity, reduce death rate almost by 50 percent.

Researches have shown, that application of a фруктово-vegetable diet is changed with the hormones influencing development of cancer diseases. As at research in which have accepted 291 participants, have shown, that the skim, albuminous diets improve a survival of a cancer, and reduction of the use of dietary fat reduces risk of repeated disease of a cancer to 24 percent.

The people eating of many fruit and vegetables show carried out researches by different groups of scientists, that, can lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and some kinds of a cancer. In the USA the reason of each fourth death are cancer diseases, on the average 500 thousand annually. In 2001 it was expected nearby 1268 thousand cases of disease by a cancer. According to National institute of public health services in 2001 the total sum of the expenses connected with this illness, has made 180,2 billion dollars.

Dieticians advise to eat daily nearby 5-ти portions of vegetables and fruit. Concerning to vegetables there are such rules: the portion considers nearby 100 gr vegetables: the frozen or tinned peas, boiled carrots or stewed. For example, it is possible to take for a habit to drink at breakfast the fruit juice, not less than one glass. The second breakfast will be in the form of a bag of dried apricots which will replace habitual chocolate or crackers. During the lunchtime it is necessary to eat vegetable salad together with the basic dishes, and for a dessert it is possible to take a handful of a strawberry, half of apple or a peach.

Importance diet factors in etiology the majority of cancer diseases admits all experts that was repeatedly marked in reports by results of various researches, including spent by Institute on research of a cancer in 1997 Consumption of fruit and vegetables is one of most carefully studied aspects concerning risk of occurrence of a cancer.

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