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How to keep apples and pears

First of all it is important to observe exactness at harvesting. Garden-stuffs need to be taken off by hand. But nowise not shake off them from a tree, because the beaten garden-stuffs are not kept. Begin to take off them in dry cool weather, at the offensive of removable maturity. Fruit are taken off together with a peduncle and carefully drop in collecting pottle, edged inwardly sacking or fruit-collect bags with the unfastened bottom. Garden-stuffs assort then, delete fruit with injuries, pressures, gradoboinami, by the punctures of skin. For the protracted storage garden-stuffs, damaged an apple-grub, weevil, schitovkoy, are useless.

On a bottom of a box cover a shaving a layer of 1-2 centimeters. Inside of a box stack a paper in the form of an envelope so that the free ends it was possible to cover apples from above and between numbers do a layer of a paper. Various grades of fruit demand various packing. Antonovka at dense packing it is quickly amazed with sunburn, therefore it is better for placing in boxes more freely. A pippin saffron, on the contrary, it is better kept at dense packing.

At selection, sorting and packing it is necessary to watch that the wax strike on apples has not been damaged. Sorting and packing is carried out in a shadow, not leaving long fruits on the sun. Then them immediately transfer to a cellar, where temperature considerably below, than in a garden. The more likely pawn fruits in the adapted storehouse, the longer and is better they are kept. For storage of apples it is necessary to maintain temperature, close to zero, for pears - from zero up to 1 degree of heat. At such temperature apples and pears less all are amazed with microorganisms, keep taste, aroma is better. A kind. In the beginning of storage daily within several hours it is desirable to air a premise. The temperature thus should be not below 0°.

After in the demanded temperature is established, air less often - once in 1-1,5 months. Consider: at increase in temperature at 1-2 degrees quality of production sharply varies. If the temperature will go down on 1-2 degrees, some grades freeze slightly. Recently all is more widely applied a new way of storage of apples in the so-called isolated gas environment - in film packing.

It allows to extend periods of storage of fruits, to reduce in 1,5 - 2 times of loss from various diseases and more full to keep commodity qualities of a product. For packing apples of 25-30 kg is more convenient to use polythene bags-loose leaves in the size 1 100х1.100 millimeters. In a box in the beginning place a paper lining, then a polyethylene bag-loose leaf which is filled with fruits. Having filled a box, the open top end of a bag-loose leaf is necessary for pressing densely to apples as much as possible to remove air and then a mouth of a bag carefully to twirl isolation a tape. During storage the constant control over quality of fruit is necessary.

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