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  Trade-manufacturing company
  Trade-manufacturing company
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Our partners

Our respected and constant clients are famous Ukrainian and foreign companies, which own trade branches of super and hyper markets in different regions of Ukraine:

Corporation “ATB” (trade branch “ATB”);
“METRO Cash and Carry Ukraine” (“METRO” branch) 
Trade industrial corporation  «FOZZY GROUP» 
Firm “Amstor” Ltd 
Privately owned enterprise “Reardi” (trade branch “Bolshaya Lozhka”) 
“Kviza-Trade” Ltd.(supermarkets “Velika kishenya”) 
“Billa Ukraina” (supermarkets “Billa”) 
“Omega Ltd.” (supermarkets “Varus”) 
Trade branch “Rainford” 
Trade branch “Puzata khata” 
“Dynastiya Ukraina” (supermarkets “Dynastiya”) 
and also so called budgetary organizations also make use of PF "Agro-FT" service, those are hospitals, boarding schools, old people’s home, school canteens, restaurants, etc.
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