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Vitamins in vegetables and fruit

Company PF "Agro-FT" sells vegetables and fruit which keep many vitamins. The healthy organism requires vitamins. Organic substances are only in plants and animals, the majority of vitamins cannot be developed by a human body. Therefore vitamins get in an organism during a feed of the person. Fruit and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins. Below the list of various types of vitamins and their properties for health is resulted.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves sight, and promotes growth of bones and development of a teeth. It also helps to support a skin and hair in a healthy condition. We also require vitamin A for reproduction of a cell and the certain hormones. Researches also have confirmed, that vitamin A is effective preventive means against reproach.

Sources of vitamin A in fruit: an apricot, an avocado, a blackberry, a melon, a kiwi, a mango, oranges, peaches, a water-melon.

Sources of vitamin A in vegetables: an asparagus, carrots , cabbage , peas, tomatoes, pumpkin, spinach, garlic .

Vitamin B1 (Thiaminum)

Vitamin B regulates an exchange of amino acids and carbohydrates. As it is necessary for healthy functioning heart, nervous system and muscles.

Sources of vitamin В1 in fruit: a water-melon, an avocado.

Sources of vitamin В1 in vegetables: peas, beet .

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

As vitamin B1, B2 also regulates an exchange of fibers, fats and carbohydrates. It helps formation of a red blood cell and is important for growth of an organism.

Sources of vitamin В2 in fruit: a kiwi, an avocado.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

This specific vitamin regulates an exchange of amino acids and carbohydrates, and promotes in adjustment of healthy digestive system.

Sources of vitamin В3 in fruit: bananas, a melon, a kiwi, an avocado, peaches, a water-melon.

Sources of vitamin В3 in vegetables: an artichoke, tomatoes, an asparagus,  cabbage broccoli, carrots , green pepper, cabbage, mushrooms, peas, potato .

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 helps an organism to make cholesterol, it as helps with manufacture of the certain hormones. We also require vitamin В5 for an effective metabolism of food.

Sources of vitamin В5 in fruit: bananas, an avocado, oranges.

Sources of vitamin В5 in vegetables: an artichoke, cabbage broccoli, carrots , color cabbage , mushrooms.

Vitamin B6 (Pryidoxina)

This specific vitamin helps our organism to make antibodies in our immune systems as it helps with manufacture of a red blood cell.

Sources of vitamin В6 in fruit: bananas, an avocado, a water-melon.

Sources of vitamin В6 in vegetables:carrots , peas, potato .

Vitamin B9 (Folate / the Folic Acid)

Folate(Vitamin B9) helps our organism to make red blood cells and promotes development of mental faculties. This vitamin is an essential component in formation and creation of DNA. This specific vitamin is especially important for women who wish to become pregnant and for pregnant women (especially on early terms of pregnancy). The folic acid reduces risk of nervous defects of a pipe in embryos, and promotes healthy growth of a cell.

Sources of vitamin В9 in fruit: bananas, a blackberry, a melon, an avocado, a kiwi, oranges, wild strawberry, pear .

Sources of vitamin В9 in vegetables: an artichoke, tomatoes, an asparagus, cabbage, carrots, green pepper, cabbage , onions , peas.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C operates as an antioxidant and helps to protect cells of a body from potentially destructive effects of free radicals which can bring the contribution to development of a cancer and cardiovascular illness. It also helps to make collagen which is important for maintenance of healthy structure of a skin and bones. Vitamin C improves mastering iron in a digestive path.

Sources of vitamin C in fruit:apples , Bananas, blackberry, melon, avocado, grapes, a kiwi, a lemon, an orange, a peach, wild strawberry,  pomelo , water-melon.

Sources of vitamin C in vegetables: an artichoke, a tomato, beet, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, green pepper, cabbage, mushrooms, onions , peas, potato, spinach.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps our organism to acquire magnesium and calcium, last, especially essential to a strong teeth and bones

Sources of vitamin D in vegetables: mushrooms.

Vitamin Е

As vitamin C, vitamin E protects cells from damage, slowing down oxidation lipids and formation of free radicals. It also is important for formation of red blood cells, effective at delay of ageing of a skin. Vitamin E promotes mastering of vitamin A.

Sources of vitamin E in fruit:apples , bananas, blackberry, kiwi.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps an organism to create set of various fibers, including what helps curtailing of blood, and fibers which promote strengthening of a bone. Vitamin K also helps to adjust a level of calcium in blood.

Sources of vitamin K in vegetables: an asparagus, garlic, cabbage, spinach.

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