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Curative properties of a beet

Beet is a vegetable which concerns to family Armatanovyh. An origin of a beet the south of the Europe and Italy. A beet is received from wild version Beta Maritima Lynn which grows freely in many sea areas of the south of the Europe and to the north from Africa. This version of a beet is not suitable to the use, and was used only as a medicine. A usual beet was used during former times when people not only used its root, but leaves which have aroma similar to spinach. In France leaves of a beet use in food and now. In XIX century a root of a beet have started to apply not only in food, but also used for manufacture of sugar or manufacture of alcohol. There are two colors of painting of a beet - red and white. Both of a kind are very rich with sugar which is better acquired, than sugar from a sugar cane.


Beet also is very rich with starch. It contains vitamins B, folate, manganese and potassium. It - also a good source of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus. A beet as cabbage, spinach, carrots and turnip is a source of nitrates and is harmful to babies in the age of less than 6 months. A beet eliminates toxins in an organism. Use of a beet in the medicinal purposes has been proved by modern scientific research. Leaves of a beet contain a lot of vitamin A, and roots vitamin C. From the dietary point of view, a red beet - the most interesting variety of a beet because of its medicinal properties. Reception in food of this plant prevents occurrence or growth of malignant tumours.

Besides at people having a malignant tumour resistibility to illness improves. It is very useful to use this vegetable in a combination with other vegetables which help to clear an organism and to prevent this awful illness, for example: tomatoes, an onions or cucumbers. The maintenance of vitamin В9 in a beet ideally approaches for prevention of illnesses of heart. Reception in food of this mineral is essential to manufacture of hemoglobin, or prevention of an anemia, a leukaemia. A beet has rejuvenating properties which consumption can support us in a tone during a lot of time. These properties inure owing to presence in a vegetable of a folic acid. This acid promotes creation of new cells.

The use of a beet in food does our leather young and more healthy. Other of the important elements of rejuvenescence - quartz, very important for good health of bones, arteries and a leather. To the full to use curative properties of a beet it is necessary to use it{her} in food crude as at preparation the beet loses the useful properties. Despite of all its advantages, it is necessary to know, that a red beet is not so useful to those who possesses a weak stomach or for at whom the raised acidity. A beet is useful to people suffering a delay of a liquid in an organism, and for people which suffer from adiposity.

Beet clears not only kidneys, but also and blood, reducing acidity of our organism, and promotes clarification of a liver. This vegetable stimulates our brain and eliminates toxins which can collect in our organism, supporting good psychological health and preventing presenilation. A beet is useful for using in a combination to other vegetables, except for vegetables which are rich on starch. Also it is recommended to use the juices mixed with other fruit, such as apples or vegetables as carrots.

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