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Exotic fruit - pomelo

PomeloThe pomelo is the biggest fruit belonging to family of citrus. It also is known as shedok. This fruit has received the name from a word of a unknown origin "pampelmoos". In China and to this day the pomelo is considered one of symbols of well-being and prosperity. The pomelo, is an ancestor of a grapefruit, and occurs from Asia and Indochina. The exact place of an origin is not known. Assume, that it have found in a wild kind in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. In 1884 version a pomelo it has been imported to Malaya from Indonesia by sir Hju Law which has been grown up in Penang.

The specific kind of fruit, is found in the Dutch East Indies which is named " limau wangkang " by Malayans, consists of the small fruits enclosed in a greater fruit. Some types a pomelo have no a skin. The pomelo, is known as the biggest fruit of citrus which can grow till greater sizes in weight up to 10 kg. A pomelo a tree - the big dense tree with the irregular crown growing approximately up to 5 - 15 m. 

Thorny tree the pomelo has many branches, and bears fruit the year round. Its bark of brownish yellow color. Flowers it is yellow white or idle time white, fragrant. The thin skin of fruit is rough, but is easily cleaned. Each fruit consists from 9 - 14 segments covered by a бумажно-thin thin skin. A flesh a pomelo of white, light yellow, pink or red color, with sweet, sour or spicy sweet taste. Chineses eat a pomelo to strengthen lungs.

Chineses make various medicines of seeds, flowers, a mature thin skin, and plates of young fruit, preliminary drying up them. They are applied at cough, tumours, vomiting, diarrheas, and as at a hang-over. Malayans eat a pomelo to prevent belly pains, a hypostasis. Fruit the Pomelo - an excellent source of Vitamin C. Juice the pomelo is capable to satisfy instantly thirst and feeds an organism with useful microcells and vitamins. And owing to some enzymes containing in it, well splits fibers and fats. Therefore a pomelo it is useful to apply in the menu of various diets.

This fruit promotes normalization of pressure and interferes with occurrence of various tumoral formations. The pomelo is the richest source of an ascorbic acid, vitamin A, radio oils, antioxidants, microcells. It promotes struggle against virus diseases and its inclusion in a diet is good preventive maintenance in struggle against a flu. The pomelo renders favorable influence on a digestive path as into its structure enters lipoliticheski the enzyme promoting acceleration of splitting of fibers. Therefore this citrus is a dietary product.

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