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Apples - the recipe of longevity

Apples are not the champion by a quantity of vitamins containing in them and nutrients. What we have taken vitamin or a mineral - always there will be a fruit in which it is much more than it, than in apples. Not looking at it, apples are almost the most useful fruit. Their advantage consists in a combination of various components, including vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, sugar and cellulose.


The researches spent by scientists at University Cornell, have confirmed that, eating an apple in day it is possible to prevent a cancer of a mammary gland. Apples contain an antioxidant which is connected with prevention of a cancer. In initial research of effect of influence of apples on a cancer of a mammary gland, scientists have revealed at people which used apples a tumour has been reduced by 60 percent. In the conclusion of scientists Cornell have declared, that people can receive more advantage for health from fruit, for example apples, than from the use of dear dietary dishes.

Dieticians advise the checked up conventional way, eating 3-4 apples in day we prolong an active life. Apples are capable to protect an organism from many diseases, including from presenilation. Apples are rich with pectin, a soluble fibre which are necessary to an organism for reduction of cholesterol. Carried out researches have confirmed, that at the use of two apples in day the level of cholesterol goes down.

Apples also are good for diabetics as the soluble fibre helps at regulation of sugar with blood, preventing sudden increase in a level of sugar in blood. Apples are full some vitamins and useful minerals. The Most part of vitamins contains in a peel of an apple. One apple of the average size has 80 calories. Apples are useful to good work of a liver, at treatment of a lock and a diarrhea. Eating, at least two apples in day, you provide good work of intestines. The baked apples are good at a diarrhea.


Apples are rich on iron, vitamin C and phosphorus, therefore they are very useful at treatment of an anemia. Especially they are useful in the form of fresh juice. Optimum quantity of the use of juice from 0.5 - 1 kg of apples. The best time - for half an hour before reception of food. Juice should be received from the selected apples. Apples also are useful at a sharp and chronic dysentery among children which use in the form of mashed potatoes some times in day. At diarrheas of an apple do mashed potatoes, add to it cinnamon or honey and accept some times in day before reception of food.

Apples are very useful at treatment of all types of a headache. The apple in a mature kind, after removal of the top peel and an internal firm part, to it is added a small amount salt and it is used every morning on a hungry stomach before meal in current of week. Such use of an apple leads to good results even in cases of a disgusting constant headache.

Today apples are grown up on all continents. Among orchards all over the world apple gardens win first place, both on the area, and on total amount of manufacture.

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