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Advantage of onions

onionsScientists have established, that the onions is capable "to clear" cells of a brain and to detain process of their ageing. It contains exclusively active sulfuric connections which are easily acquired by an organism. Getting in blood, they render the most positive influence on a number of key zones of a brain.

Substances allocated from an onions make active and rejuvenate the cells which are responsible for memory and emotions. The use in food of an onions conducts to decrease in desease by a cancer of a breast. Today on the first place among onions treasures leaves kvercetin - a powerful anticarcinogenic element. If with deficiency of iron we still somehow are able to consult, the cancer remains a scourge of mankind. Therefore scientists assign greater hopes for preventive maintenance.

Though taste and a smell not the strength of onions family and onions does not belong to number of favourite vegetables, its useful properties will give odds to any exotic fruit. The bulb is rich with radio oils, contains vitamins C and In, mineral substances iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, sulfurs. Juice of onions is a natural antibiotic which preserves against colds.

All the same onions activates a metabolism, promotes clarification of blood, stimulates processes of digestion, deduces a superfluous liquid from an organism. The onions possess also cosmetic properties: the mask from it improves growth of hair, does more softly a skin and has clearing action. Actually vitamin riches the bulb reserves all this for itself to give force to new runaways in the spring, is similar to tulips and narcissuses to which family it belongs.

Radio oils which are liberated only at cutting a bulb are responsible for onions tears. There is a set of ways to avoid it, beginning from a mask of the diver and finishing that to hold matches in a teeth. Cooks advise at cutting onions to not mention its core, it is possible to cut also a bulb under water. For increase of immunity it is recommended to use half of onions in day in the winter. At thermal processing useful properties of an onions are partially lost, but taste becomes softer.

In many countries an onions considered sacred and knew, that it is capable to increase courage and force. The onions and in cosmetology as strengthens hair is applied, improves blood supply of a leather, treats ugri, and also eczema and furuncules. At allergic dermatitis, eczema are tested in people and onions baths are widely applied. If you use an onions, especially in a cold season, to you no illnesses will be terrible.

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